We are a small group of people who play games for fun and take our fun seriously! Because we value who we are as people over our performance, we will take a bit longer to get stuff done than those who value just how tight a rotation we can sustain, but we’re creating a community of people – not numbers and we’re here to stay, so get comfortable!
We have people playing GW2, Warframe, Star Citizen and many other games to a lesser extent. Historically, We’ve played Skyforge, Firefall, TSW, Wildstar, Everquest, Rift, SWTOR, TERA, Aion, FFXIV, EVE as well as many other smaller, less popular or cooperative games.
Our prime play hours are between 6 and 10PM Pacific.
Teamspeak: dystopianorder.typefrag.com:3910

Twitch: We usually stream our raids! Watch us learn!
Wildstar Logs: No Longer Active


25 Sep, 05:53 – Pandemos: Backup complete! … I might try an in place update, since I’m lazy as shit these days.
25 Sep, 05:53 – Pandemos: FYI, gonna wipe this page after I make a backup.
25 Sep, 05:53 – Pandemos: Holy crap… only took a year to fix the site. Woot.
25 Sep, 05:53 – Desmadona: Looks amazing, but for that tiny thing… it’s an FPS.
25 Sep, 05:53 – Pandemos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J46EQKe8GY … so yum.
25 Sep, 05:53 – Pandemos: 111 to hit +15 on the Blackstone simulator is the highest I’ve seen…
25 Sep, 05:53 – Desmadona: hehe great timing! :)
25 Sep, 05:53 – Newbsauce: Thanks for the code Des, But of course, just when I finish installing Black Desert, the fan on my GPU have to give up…. new fan or new gpu…hmmm, decisions
25 Sep, 05:53 – Desmadona: Derp! Will remove it! Let me know if it doesn’t work! We’re on Orwen.
25 Sep, 05:53 – Newbsauce: could have sent it thru steam, but got it, hopefully, no one used it until i get back to the states (march 7) :P
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