How you act outside our guild strongly influences how other people will perceive our guild, which, in turn, influences the likelihood we’ll be able to make friends as a guild. When our primary goal is to attain and maintain a solid 40-man raiding group, how others view us is important and we ask that you always treat people with respect and in no way dishonor <Dystopian Order>.

What we want to see:
Comraderie – We want to see you taking an interest in your fellow guilidies and their successes. The more people get to know each other, the more likely they are to act responsibly around each other. This includes caring about the success of a raid group more than your DPS. We can plainly see who is doing their job and who is showboating. Showboating is generally selfish and meaningless to a raid group. Our goal is to establish a solid group of 40 people who genuinely like to raid together — can’t really have that with no vested interest in each other.

Honor – We want you to do the honorable thing. Most people understand the concept of honor, but it’s those who actually take it seriously who end up earning the respect of their peers and sometimes people they don’t even know. It’s these reverent decisions that will help us earn a good name among the people on our server, which we will need if we are to add to our ranks.

Dependability – We really favor those who do what they say they’re going to do. You say you’re going to be there on Thursday, be there. You say you’ll run SSM with a person until they get their chest piece, do it. You’re assigned to heal a tank, heal it. Following through on your promises and responsibilities helps to foster trusting relationships and the more people trust those in their raid group, the more comfortable they are doing their job and not worrying about picking up the slack of others.

Respect – Respect the reasonable wishes of people who we hope respect you. Try to refrain from using charged words or phrases. We are not against using generally foul language, but some turns of phrase are simply inappropriate for any group setting and won’t be tolerated. We appreciate you not acting racist, sexist, ageist, or anti-glba. We acknowledge that everyone is different and expect you to accept that your political or otherwise agenda-oriented beliefs might not be shared by others. Drop it and move on if a topic suddenly becomes heated. It’s better to just ignore it than to help propagate a hurtful and unnecessary conversation.

Basic reasoning skills – We expect everyone to be able to evaluate a situation and make the decision that is best for the guild. If someone asks you if they can use you and our raid ID to go kill a boss we left up, you should be able to reasonably assume the answer is no. If you choose to get saved to an instance we have yet to do, you need to be able to know that we will assume you prefer to not raid with us. We expect you to not propagate rumor. If someone tells you something you’re not sure about, ask us for confirmation before starting a whine club. There’s a good chance it’s misinformation.

Acknowledge our leadership – If you’re not a raid leader, don’t tell the raid what to do. If you aren’t in leadership, don’t espouse guild policy, as you might not be fully aware of changes. We will do everything in our power to ensure you get what you put in. If you have an issue with anyone in leadership, talk to another officer, don’t start staging a coup. If you don’t understand what’s going on, ask us.

Web activity – Interacting via the forums when not online is a sign that you’re interested in what everyone has to say and it lets us get to know a bit about you as a person, which will only help us be a better guild.

What we don’t want to see:
Griefing – going out of your way to make life difficult for other people. Pulling and killing quest mobs, following people around, taking their kills or quest items, dropping mobs on people, or otherwise being a nuisance. We recognize cross-faction fun, but some things that might be fun also make you a jackass and we really can’t be supporting such antics.

Personal vendetta’s – Your interpersonal battles are your own until they interfere with guild activity or morale. If you have a major issue with someone else in the guild that you cannot resolve between the two of you, please ask for mediation. We’ve had people give us ultimatums in the past (it’s either me or her, etc…) – don’t bother. We will not choose between you and another.

Looking for a guild – If you’re posting publicly that you’re looking for a guild while still guilded with us, we will be unthrilled and may remove you at our discretion.

Emo Gquitting – If you leave us, please be damn sure you’re making the right decision. We have a very low tolerance for emo quits. Exceptions will only be made for truly exceptional people.

Disrespecting leadership – If you disagree with a raid leader, pst them. DO NOT talk about it in raid chat, party chat, or on vent. If you don’t understand why something is the way it is, ask us. Chances are, there is a very specific reason.

Know-it-all asshats – We are a team. If you think you know it all and always have to let people know they’re wrong or you’re better, you’re in the wrong place. We work as a team, progress as a team, and die as a team. We only point fingers when absolutely necessary and it’s not your job to do so.

Begging – We do not want people begging for gold, mats, gear, run-throughs or quest help. Asking one time is acceptable. If nobody replies, they’re either busy or of the opinion that there are other things you can do independently to reach your goals. Don’t expect people you don’t know to stop what they’re doing to come to your aid unless you’re a hamsta!


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